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  • Product Description:
    A ready-to-use solution for all your furniture needs - Lamiply, where the laminate is already pasted on the plywood. The product is available in all shades of Lam Folder


    One stop solution for board glue and laminate hence, guarantee of quality
    Lesser production time for the end user

  • Cutting:
    It can be cut to required sizes using hand/machine saws. In case of hand saw use only fine tooth saw and always keep low angle for cutting to ensure clean sharp edges.

    Machining and Carving:
    Plywood can be worked with standard hand tools, blades and cutters should be sharp at all times Carpenters are well used to this product

    Fixing and Joining:
    Fixing and jointing techniques of plywood are similar to methods used with most other wood products

    Nailing can be done for all applications

    It can be glued using most of the branded adhesives available in the market


    Only fully threaded parallel shank steel screws of proper size should be used
    Dowels made of plastic, metal or bamboo can be used. The hole diameter should be slightly larger than the dowel to allow good adhesive coverage and to avoid splitting
    All types of hinges can be used
    All types of locks can be used

  • Storage:

    Storage area must be dry and well ventilated
    It should be stored in stacks horizontally on a flat surface
    Sheets should be stored lifted clear off floor using dry bearers
    Minimum sheet bearers should be provided every 50 boards of same thickness
    Spacing between bearers not to exceed 800 mm c/c
    Bearers supporting successive layers should be in vertical alignment
    Use plastic sheets if extreme damp conditions expected
    Protect corners and edges during loading / unloading
    Do not slide drag or drop the boards

    No retention of water recommended.

  • PropertyIS 2046-95
    HGS Type
    Typical Value
    Merino HGS
    VGS Type
    Typical Value
    Merino VGS
    Thickness Tolerance+10%+10%+10%+10%
    AppearanceNo ABC defectNo ABC defectNo ABC defectNo ABC defect
    Surface Wear Resistance (cycle)>350>400150>150
    Thickness Increase (max)12%8%12%8%
    Weight Increase (max)10%8%10%8%
    High Temperature ResistanceSlight effectSlight effectSlight effectSlight effect
    Stain Resistance
    Reagents 1 and 2No effectNo effectNo effectNo effect
    Reagents 3 and 4Slight effectSlight effectSlight effectSlight effect
    Small Dia Ball Resistance20 N22 N15 N17\b5
    Dimensional Stability MD (max)0\b50\b340\b70\b5
    CD (max)0\b80\b70\b80\b7
    Resistance to Dry Heat (1800)Slight changeNot requiredNot required
    Resistance to Cigarette BurnModerate changeModerate changeNot requiredNot required
  • Merino Industries Limited & Merino Panel Product Ltd. warrant that, under normal use & service, the material & workmanship of their products shall confirm to the standards set forth on the applicable technical data sheet for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of sale to the first consumer purchaser. Dealers & distributors are provided with the technical data sheets, which contain specific standards of performance of the product. In the event that a Merino Industries Limited or a Merino Panel Product Limited product does not perform as warranted, the first purchaser’s sole remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of all or any part of the product, which is defective, at the manufacturer’s sole discretion. This warranty is not transferable, and expires upon resale or transfer by first purchaser. This warranty shall not apply to defects or damage arising from any of the following: Accidents, abuse or misuse, exposure to extreme temperature, improper fabrication or installation, improper maintenance. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use the product, or for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. No fabricator, installer, dealer, agent or employee of Merino Industries Limited and Merino Panel Product Limited has the authority to modify the obligation or limitation of this warranty.