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Compact Sheets

  • Product Description:
    Merino Compact is a solid grade, load bearing laminate. It has inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins which are resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It provides superior mechanical properties to impact resistance. It can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    Merino Compact Laminates are manufactured in various thicknesses, adequate to eliminate the use of a substrate, and are useful where flat and free standing panels are required for decorative purposes. Merino Compact is usually used for furniture, partitions, cubicles, paneling, transportation vehicles and areas with higher cleaning and hygiene requirements.


    Resistant to water, moisture, stain, graffiti, bacteria growth, scratch, impact, fire, cigarette burns and colour change
    Provides good dimensional stability and flatness
    Provides self-supporting function
    Resistant to frost and heat
    Non-corrosive and permanent
    Easy to clean
    Physiologically safe
    Meets stringent hygiene requirements, surface edges can be disinfected
    Resistance against organic solvents
    Low electrostatic charge-up
    Easy installation, space saving and easy to process
    Low smoke emission

    Application Area:


    Ideal For:

    Laboratory work-tops
    Various counter-tops such as front desks
    Office partition and wall panels,
    Wall and floor decoration material
    Material for interior decorations
    Protective screen against damp, frost rain, sunlight and termites.

    Some of the other usages are:

    Railway compartments
    Switch boards
    Washroom partitions
    Washroom lockers and strips for decorative purposes
    Well suited for wet area applications such as shower cubicles or swimming pool lockers, but are not recommended for applications involving long term immersions

  • Type of Product
    Merino Compact Grade laminate

    Core Type
    Black core, Brown core, Center line and Multistrip (alternative strips of different colour paper in the core)

    Size & Finish:
    Available in following finishes & sizes:

    Available Standard Sizes (mm) for compact
    Merino Finishes 1220X
    4.25’X 10’
    Nuback Leather              

    ** “Suede” Finish is also available in 49"x97" (1245mmx2464mm) & 49"x121" (1245mmx3075mm)

    2.0mm to 25.0mm

    All available color as per Merino Lam Catalogue
  • Compact Grade laminate imposes greater demand on cutting tools and causes greater wear & tear. The degree of feed speed reduction depends on the thickness of the laminate and the quality of finish required. For best performance, one should consult tool manufacturers for the type and quality of tungsten carbide tipping. For long production runs, and where a high quality finish is required, consider tooling. In all machine processes, avoid localized heating caused by poorly maintained saws and cutters.

    Always cut the panels with the long edge parallel to the length of the sheet. Dimensional movement across the width of the sheet is twice as great as it is along the length, so cutting panels with the long dimension running across the width of the sheet greatly increases the risk of bowing
    As far as possible, the ambient conditions should be the same on each side of the panel, as it is important that both sides gain or lose moisture at roughly the same rate. Where panels are mounted on a wall or enclose a vanity unit, provide adequate ventilation to ensure that temperature and humidity conditions at the back of the panels are essentially the same as those in the front
    Make fixing centres sufficiently close to prevent movement. Shower cubicle doors greater than 1500 mm high should have three hinges


    Saw blades used for cutting double-sided composites are generally suitable for cutting Compact Grade laminates
    Saws of less than 2 mm thickness are not recommended
    Break-out on the underside of compact grade sheets can be reduced by various methods:
    Using a pre-scoring blade on the underside
    Using a base-board of plywood or hardboard beneath the sheet
    Altering the exit angle of the saw blade by adjusting the height setting
    When sawing a Compact Grade laminate with two decorative faces, the feed speed essentially governs the quality of the saw cut. A speed of 0.03 mm -0.05 mm per saw tooth has been found to be the most successful.

    Profile cutting and edge finishing:

    It is not necessary to apply edging strips or edge sealants to Compact grade panels. For many applications clean sawn edges are sufficient
    To achieve a superior finish or a profiled edge, use a spindle moulder or router. For this type of work PCD tooling is recommended. It is not possible completely to avoid cutter marks, but they can be minimized by feeding the work at a constant controlled speed with a mechanical power feed. Take care to avoid pausing during cutting and profiling, which may result in burn marks that are difficult to remove. To obtain clean edges free of cutter marks, carry out a further sanding and scraping operation. Buffing with steel wool and applying silicone free oil enhances edges. Chamfering or profiling the edges of Compact grade panels reduces the risk of edge impact damage


    The most suitable drills for use on Compact Grade laminates are those designed for plastic sheets. These drills have a point angle of 60°- 80° instead of the normal 120°fordrilling metal
    To avoid break-out on the reverse side, gradually reduce the feed speed of the drilling head and the pressure applied when approaching the point of breakthrough. Working on a firm underlay, reduces the risk of break-out.
    For blind boring into the face, the depth of the hole should be such that at least 1.5 mm of material remains between the bottom of the hole and the other side of the sheet. TCT lip and spur drills produce clean flat-bottomed blind holes, with low risk of point penetration on the reverse side. This allows maximum depth of material to be used for fixings. Compact Grade sheets less than 10 mm thick are not suitable for blind fixing. When drilling parallel to the surface (edge drilling) at least 3 mm of material must remain on either side of the hole. Threaded holes can be produced using engineer's screw cutting taps. Self-tapping screws or threaded brass inserts may also be used

  • Storage:
    Handling: Merino Compact Grade is a heavy material. During transport, use pallets to support the complete sheet area. Pallets should be strong and stable enough to support their load without bending or buckling.

    The surface of each board must be free from debris, grit or foreign bodies which can damage the laminate surface. When loading and unloading, do not push or drag boards over one another; lift cleanly by hand or suction device. Make stacked boards secure against slipping. Also, Compact Grade laminates undergo a certain amount of dimensional movement when subjected to humidity, hence to minimize the risk of bowing, take care of the following:

    Store Compact Grade sheets in enclosed warehouses where normal interior conditions (18°C - 25°C and 50% - 60% relative humidity) are maintained. Compact Grade laminates will remain flat if stored horizontally in packs on a flat base board. The base board must be dry, and should ideally be covered with a material impervious to water, to act as a moisture barrier. Cover the top sheet of each stack with a moisture barrier/cover board, with sufficient weight to remain flat and in contact with the whole surface area of the top Compact Grade sheet. Maintain this procedure throughout the storage (whether in a warehouse or on the fabrication shop floor) and reinstate it whenever a sheet is removed from the stack. Failing to store Compact Grade sheets flat for any length of time causes deformation which is almost impossible to rectify, particularly with thicker boards. If protective films are provided these should be removed from both sides of the board simultaneously.

    As HPL do not suffer from corrosion and oxidation, no further surface protection and no maintenance apart from cleaning is needed. Merino Compact Laminate may be cleaned with damp cloth or ordinary soap

  • Properties of Merino Standard Grade Compact Laminate as per EN: 438-2
    PropertyAttributesTest method as Clause no.EN-438-2/05Merino Standard
    Length and width tolerance6(+10 / - 0mm)(+10 / - 0mm)
    Thickness tolerance3 to < 5 mm
    5 to < 8 mm
    (As per EN-438,Table 1)8 to < 12 mm
    12 to < 16 mm
    16 to < 20 mm
    20 to < 25 mm
    Resistance to surface wear
    (revolution min)
    10> 350>400
    Resistance to immersion in
    boiling water t>5 mm
    Increase in thickness
    Increase in mass
    Resistance to dry heat at 180°CGloss1633
    Appearance (grade not worse than)Others1644
    Dimensional stability at elevated
    temp. (max%) t>5 mm
    Machine direction
    Cross direction
    Resistance to impact by largeDrop height (mm min)211800>2000
    diameter ball t , 6 mm
    Resistance to scratching n (min)Smooth Finishes
    Textured Finishes
    252 . 0
    Resistance to staining
    (grade not worse than)
    Group 1 & 2
    Group 3 & 4
    Resistance to cigarette burnsAppearance (grade not worse than)3033
    Resistance to water vapourAppearance (grade not worse than)1444
    Resistance to moistureAppearance (grade not worse than)2444
    Flexural modulus (stress)
    EN ISO 178
    Mpa (min)249,000>10,000
    Flexural strength
    EN ISO 178
    Mpa (min)80>90
    Tensile strength
    EN ISO 178
    Mpa (min)60>70
    Density9/cm3(min)EN 15011831.35>1.40
    Light Fastness (Xenon arc)Contrast (Grey Scale)274 to 55

    Properties of Merino FR Grade Compact Laminate tested and approved by Warrington Fire,UK, in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2007 + A1: 2009
    Name of LaboratoryName of SponsorTest reports/ extended application report Nos.Test method/ extended application rules and date
    Exova warringtonfireMerino Industries LimitedWF 319221EN ISO 11925-2
    Exova warringtonfireMerino Industries LimitedWF 319222EN 13823

    Test method and test numberParameterNo. testsResults
    Continuous parameter-mean(m)Compliance parameters
    EN ISO 11925-2(30s exposure-surface) Fs6NilCompliant
    Flaming droplets/particles NoneCompliant
    EN ISO 11925-2(30s exposure-edge)Fs6NilCompliant
    Flaming droplets/particlesNoneCompliant
    EN 13823FIGRA 0.2mj 355.68Compliant
    FIGRA 0.4mj 52.79Compliant
    THR 600s 4.92Compliant
    TSP 600s 41.57Compliant

    Properties of Merino Standard Grade Compact Laminate on MOVING OBJECTS (Railways & Buses)

    TEST REPORT – NFP 92501:1995
  • Merino Industries Limited & Merino Panel Product Ltd. warrant that, under normal use & service, the material & workmanship of their products shall confirm to the standards set forth on the applicable technical data sheet for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of sale to the first consumer purchaser. Dealers & distributors are provided with the technical data sheets, which contain specific standards of performance of the product. In the event that a Merino Industries Limited or a Merino Panel Product Limited Product does not perform as warranted, the first purchaser's sole remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of all or any part of the product, which is defective, at the manufacturer's sole discretion. This warranty is not transferable, and expires upon resale or transfer by first purchaser. This warranty shall not apply to defects or damage arising from any of the following: Accidents, abuse or misuse, exposure to extreme temperature, improper fabrication or installation, improper maintenance. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use the product, or for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. No fabricator, installer, dealer, agent or employee of Merino Industries Limited and Merino Panel Product Limited has the authority to modify the obligation or limitation or this warranty.
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