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Klasay Erarsable Projection Board

  • Product Description:
    Merino Klasay Erasable Projection Board combines a dry erase compatibility with a low gloss finish for use as a combined projection and marker board surface. Merino Klasay Erasable Projection board is constructed with decorative surface paper impregnated with special melamine resin and pressed over a bunch of kraft papers impregnated with phenolic resin. Special melamine resins facilitate the removal of liquid chalk on the surface.


    Easy cleaning for Dry & wet erase markers
    Dual usability: Marker Board cum Projection Board

    Application Area:

    Interior vertical only

    Ideal For:
    Ideal for applications where dry erase marker is used

    Presentation areas
    Conference room etc

  • SIZE
    FINISH5’x6’ (1550mmX1830mm)5’x12’ (1550mmX3660mm)
    Low Gloss


  • Merino Klasay Erasable projection Board is designed for interior vertical use only. Do not adhere directly to plaster, drywall (gypsum board) or concrete. Do not use in areas exposed to temperature exceeding 135°C (275°F).

    Merino Klasay Erasable projection boards are bonded with particle boards or MDF boards. The use of plywood is not recommended due to the potential for surface telegraphing, stress cracking, and shrink-back problems. The substrate should be sanded smooth, clean, free of oil or grease, and uniform in thickness.

    Contact, semi-rigid (PVC) or rigid (urea, resorcinol) adhesives can be used. Always follow the adhesive manufacturer's recommendations. Avoid using combination of substrate and/or adhesive that causes telegraphing.

  • Storage:
    Sheets should be stored horizontally with the top sheet turned face down and a thick hard board placed on top to protect the material from possible damage and reduce the chances of getting warped. Stored laminate stock should be rotated such that older sheets will be used first. Laminate sheets should be protected from moisture, and should never be stored where they may come in contact with the floor or outside wall. Always carry the sheets vertically. Never slide the sheet but, lift it while moving it from one place to another. We recommend that ideally two people should carry a full size sheet as carelessness can damage the decorative surface.


    Merino Klasay Erasable Projection board is for interior use only and not recommended for direct application to plaster, concrete walls or gypsum wall board and must be bonded to a suitable substrate. It must be bonded with a suitable substrate for use
    It is not intended for permanent markers or pens other than dry erase type


    Merino Klasay Erasable Projection board can be cleaned with a felt or multi-purpose board eraser. After repeated use extra cleaning is required and for which a soft cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap like those used for hands or dishes is recommended
    If stubborn stain persists, marker board can be cleaned with spray type glass cleaner. Abrasive cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine bleach solution should not be used
    Duster/Eraser should be cleaned on a frequent interval to remove the dry erase ink residue
    Do not use cleaner that contains abrasive, acids, alkalis or paper towels as they will damage the decorative surface
    We recommend that following reagents should not be used on the decorative surface like hypochlorite bleach, H2O2 solution mineral acids, hydrochloric acids, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, caustic solution, potassium permanganate, alcohol containing 1% iodine, silver nitrate

    1.Thickness (in)(mm)0.048” +0.005”
    2.AppearanceNo ABC DefectNo ABC Defect
    3.Surface Wear Resistance (Cycle) min400>600
    4.Boiling Water ResistanceNo EffectNo Effect
    5.High Temperature ResistanceSlight effectNo Effect
    6.Stain Resistance
    Reagents 1-10
    Reagents 11-15

    No effect
    Moderate effect

    No effect
    Slight effect
    7.Dimensional Stability
    M.D (Max)
    C.D (Max)


    8.Clean ability (Cycles)2010
    9.Clean ability as per Dry Erase MethodN.A.4
  • Merino Industries Limited & Merino Panel Product Ltd. warrant that, under normal use & service, the material & workmanship of their products shall confirm to the standards set forth on the applicable technical data sheet for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of sale to the first consumer purchaser. Dealers & distributors are provided with the technical data sheets, which contain specific standards of performance of the product. In the event that a Merino Industries Limited or a Merino Panel Product Limited product does not perform as warranted, the first purchaser’s sole remedy shall be limited to repair or replacement of all or any part of the product, which is defective, at the manufacturer’s sole discretion. This warranty is not transferable, and expires upon resale or transfer by first purchaser. This warranty shall not apply to defects or damage arising from any of the following: Accidents, abuse or misuse, exposure to extreme temperature, improper fabrication or installation, improper maintenance. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use the product, or for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. No fabricator, installer, dealer, agent or employee of Merino Industries Limited and Merino Panel Product Limited has the authority to modify the obligation or limitation of this warranty.
Klasay Projection Board
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