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Flush Door

  • Product Description:
    Made from select hard wood timbers, Flush doors provide exceptional structural strength and dimensional stability. The timbers are treated with preservative chemicals in vacuum impregnation pressure plant to make them immune to termites and borers. The Doors are bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin with glue line poisoning chemical at high pressure making them boiling water proof. To make them absolutely free from any biological agents, the doors are treated with preservative chemicals by dipping them at (600C-700C).

    Flush doors are available with:

    Both side commercial face veneers
    One side or both sides Burma teak veneer
    Post lamination done on both sides from a vast range of laminated designs available in Merino Laminates
    Also available with natural decorative veneers on both sides
    Flush doors are available with particle board filler (allowed as per IS:2202 part II)

  • SIZE
    In Millimeter (mm)
    In Feet

    25mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 45mm

    Customized doors
    Flush doors are also manufactured as per the client's requirement of sizes.

  • S.No.Name of TestAs per Standard is : 2202Result
    1a) Dimension
    b) Squareness
    + 5mm
    Deviation not more than 1 mm / 500 mm length
    + 3 mm
    + 3 mm
    +0.50 mm
    2General flatness testDeviation is not greater than 6 mm 4 mm
    3Local planeness testDeviation is not greater than 0.50 mm in depthNIL
    4End immersion testNo delaminationNo delamination
    5Glue adhersion testNo delamination No delamination
    6Knife testNo crack / tear and delaminationNo crack / tear and delamination
    7Impact inclination testNo crack / tear and delaminationNo crack / tear and delamination
    8Slamming testNo visible damage after 50 dropsNo damage
    9Shock Resistance TestNo visible damageNo damage
    10Bucking testNo deteriorationNo deterioration
    11Edge loading testDeflection at max load not greater than 5 mm1.07 mm
    12Screw withdrawal testNot less than 1000 N (Strength)3140 N (strength)
    13 Varying humidity testNo visible warping or delaminationNo effect
    14Misuse testNo permanent deformationNo permanent deformation
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