Merino Gallery and Latest Updates  
February 19, 2019   Merino participates in the KBIS show at Las vegas
February 4, 2019   Merino launches the Merino Plywood. The Furniture ka Backbone
January 7, 2019   Merino brings the first room Makeover in the Industry.
November 26, 2018   Merino invites AGA Awardee, Ar. Jimmy Lim
November 19, 2018   Merino speaks at the World Toilet Summit at Mumbai
November 14, 2018   Merino participates at Big 5 Kenya
November 2, 2018   Hapur, Uttar Pradesh gets it's first ever Merino Experience Gallery.
October 20, 2018   Shri PL Lohia (MD of Merino Group) speaks at the set of Making it Big, CNBC.
October 14, 2018   Merino launches its first ever Merino Experience Center in Mumbai.
August 29, 2018   Merino Group inaugurates Haryana's first open access solar plant.
August 22, 2018   Merino Participates in the IWF show at Georgia, Atlanta
August 10, 2018   Merino unveils the Superclad Armourâ„¢ Technology.
August 6, 2018   Merino Launches Imagino - A Customised Digital laminate.
December 19, 2017   Merino inaugurates its first Product Experience Gallery in New Delhi