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Shaurya - Internal Wall Cladding

  • Product Description:
    Merino Internal Wall Cladding is solid grade Compact High Pressure Laminate as per EN 438 – 4 manufactured under high pressure and temperature with bunch of kraft papers and decorative papers made of Alpha Cellulose Fibre impregnated with thermosetting synthetic resins which provide superior Scratch, Abrasion, Heat, Chemical Impact, Graffiti, Moisture and Bacterial Growth Resistance.

    Merino Internal Wall Cladding (IWC) brings the most astonishing designs used for interior decoration to blend the choice of every generation. This exceptional mix of classic and contemporary is going to embellish your interiors with finest designs of cladding.


    Hotel Lobbies
    Hospitality - Private Space
    Corporate Interiors
    Feature Wall
    Living Space

    Why Choose Merino Internal Wall Cladding

    Abrasion Resistance: Merino Internal Wall Cladding has superior Abrasion & Wear Resistance, hence life of Merino Internal Wall Cladding is far more than most of the other Wall Cladding Materials.
    Scratch Resistance: The construction of Merino Internal Wall Cladding provides better Scratch Resistance than most of the other Wall Cladding Materials.
    Impact Resistance: The Build of specially modified phenolic resin treated kraft papers of Merino Internal Wall Cladding gives better Impact Resistance, thereby protecting the surface. Also, it makes the surface tough so that it can withstand high impact on it.
    Graffiti Resistance: any writing marks made on the surface can be easily removed.
    Moisture Resistance: Merino Internal Wall Cladding is highly moisture resistant, ideal for Wall Cladding in Wash Rooms, Hotels, Restaurants, Wellness, etc.
    Colour Fastness: Resistance to Xenon light; does not allow the colour of Merino Internal Wall Cladding to fade over time while continuously exposing to Neon Light.
    Termite Resistance : Merino Internal Wall Cladding is completely resistant to termite & fungal attack.
    Stain Resistant: Merino Internal Wall Cladding is resistant to stain and retains original colour for a longer period as compared to other Wall Cladding Materials.
    Special properties (Add on):
    Anti Bacterial AB+: For Hygienic sensitive areas, where there is a need for additional protection of the surface against bacteria, Merino Internal Wall Cladding can be provided with anti bacterial properties. A very special resin is applied over decorative surface paper to achieve anti bacterial properties. Lab determination of Anti Bacterial activity using ISO 22196 shows 99.99% reduction in bacteria within 24hrs of contact time. These are ideal for Wall Cladding in Healthcare, Wellness, Food Processing Industries, Large Public dealing areas, etc.
    Halogen Free Fire Resistant FR+ : Merino Internal Wall Cladding passes EN 13501 -1 ; Ideal for Wall cladding in Airports, Metro Stations, Ship Building, Shopping Malls, etc.
    ESD Properties: For areas where control of static charges and dust is very critical, Merino Internal Wall Cladding can be provided with Electrostatic Dissipative Properties. Ideal for Wall Cladding of Clean Rooms, Electronic assembly units, Server Rooms, EPAs, Pharma Labs, IT offices, etc.
    Easy To :
    Less Time and effort required for installation
    Can be cleaned using a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent.
    Reproduction of Same color of Merino Internal Wall Cladding is Possible; so replacement with matching colour is possible.
    For Renovation, can be installed on existing wall surface.
    Highly Decorative :
    Multitude of designs -plains/wood grains pattern.
    Multitude of designs -plains/wood grains pattern.
    Different shapes can be offered. (Even amoebic shapes are possible).
    Designed for vertical and horizontal panel configurations.
    Clear, Sharp edges gives neat & clean look to Interior.
    Matching colour rivets easily available in market.

    Joinery Options –
    Three types of Joinery options are available –

    Z- Clips

  • Panel Sizes & Thickness -

    SN Parameters Dimensions
    1 Panel Sizes 8 × 4
        12 × 5
        14 × 6
    2 Thickness 6 mm
        10 mm
        12 mm
    3 Finishes Suede
        MR+ Tuff Gloss
  • Technical Data Sheet
    Property Test Method Attributes / Property Unit Standard Value Actual Value
    Thickness Variation EN 4382 – 5  6.0 ≤ e < 8.0 mm   Tol ± 0.4  Tol ± 0.4 
    Length & Width Variation EN 438 2- 6 Panel mm   + 10 – 0  + 10 – 0 
    Edge Straightness EN 438 2 – 7  Panel mm   ≤ 1.5  < 1.5 
    Squareness EN 438 2 – 8 Panel mm/m ≤ 1.5  < 1.5 
    Flatness EN 438 2 – 9 6.0 ≤ e < 8.0 mm  ≤5.0  < 5.0 
    Density ISO 1183 Mass g/cm3  ≥ 1.35   > 1.4  
    Wear Resistance EN 438-2 10 Abrasion Resistance Revolution  350 > 400 Rev. 
    Impact Resistance (Large Diameter Ball) EN 438 2 – 21 Dropped ball e ≥ 6 mm mm  1800 mm height – no crack 10 mm Max.   1800 mm height –
    no crack 10 mm Max.  
    Dry Heat Resistance  EN 438-2 16   Resistance to Dry Heat at 180°c Appearance  Min. Level 4  Level 5 
    Resistance to Boiling Water EN 438-2 12 T ≥ 5.0 mm Moisture Resistance % Mass Increase % Thickness Increase Min Level Appearance   Max. 2% in weight Max. 2% in thickness Min. Level 4   W = 0.5 T = 0.4 Level 5
    Mechanical Properties
    Modules of Elasticity ISO 178 Strength Mpa ≥ 9000 ≥ 9000
    Flexural Strength ISO 178 Strength Mpa > 80 ≥ 90
    Tensile Strength EN ISO 527 – 2 Strength Mpa ≥ 60 ≥ 70
    Dimensional Stability at Elevated temperature EN 438 2 – 17 Accumulated dimensional Change % L: Max 0.3 % ≤ 0,3 (L)
    W : Max 0.6 % ≤ 0,6 (W)
    Fire Characteristics (For FR+ Grade Merino AB+ Anti Bacterial Compact Panel)
    Reaction to Fire EN 13501 – 1 Fire Retardant Classification   B S1 d0

    Cladding comparatives
      Hardwood WPC Stone Tiles IWC
    Large panel sizes (14’ x6’) X X X X
    Complex amoebic shapes X X X X
    Quick & easy installation X X
    Easy to maintain/repair X X X
    Batch color uniformity X X X X
    Self supporting X X
    Affordable pricing X X X
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